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At last, what you’ve been waiting for – something to fill the Christmas stocking of your favourite expert in crime – my Police Slang book.Police Slang

An arresting glimpse behind the scenes at your local cop shop, this popular gift tells you what the police are really saying.

Would you know what to do with an SQJ? Or why they’re calling your friend an IC2? It’s all here.*

Criminal Minds

In the middle of researching a police-based novel, I realised that I’d hit a rich seam of humour. Police slang also uncovers the reality about how they see us, the criminals they deal with, and the world at large.

It’s not too late to order your copy now, astound your friends, create your own realistic dialogue and impress your crime-reading (or crime-creating) circle.

UK: Order your copy of Police Slang at £2.50 (including free delivery in the UK)

International: Order your copy of Police Slang at £2.50 (plus £1.95 airmail post and packing to anywhere in the world)

* If your friend is an IC2, he or she looks Mediterranean or Hispanic. And SQJ stands for Stupid Question Jacket – because as soon as you put one on, someone comes and asks you one… so now you know.

Buy your copy now, while stocks last!